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Dear colleagues,

Ökotopia is one of the leading specialist publishers, in the German-speaking area, of educational books and CDs relating to play and the environment.
Our programme has been well-known for 25 years for being down-to-earth and up-to-date.

In our successful series

· “Children play history
· “On the trail of other cultures
· “Children explore the world

nursery-school teachers and schoolteachers will find activities, stories and games along with ideas for making things and for cooking, for use in nursery-schools, day centres, primary schools, and in children’s and youth groups, suitable for children aged between three and thirteen.

The existence of numerous licences in different language regions demonstrates that the underlying educational concept of the various titles “travels well”, in other words, is easy to transplant to other contexts with different cultural backgrounds and educational structures.

The CDs in the series

·World music for children
· Ökotopia sing-along songs

are also suitable for children in the age-range four to twelve to use by themselves.
New productions in other languages are easily possible on the basis of karaoke versions (playback).

A further focus of our programme is “Playing and learning in groups”. These are aimed both at youth groups (age 12 – 16) and at group leaders who are seeking to lead their teams effectively, to chair meetings, and to develop organizations, and who are on the lookout for creative ideas which can be put into everyday practice.

The following agency is representing our programm:

  • Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Brasil:
    E-8011 Barcelona
    Phone: +34-93.323.89.70
    Fax: +34-93.436.55.48

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